Life’s hard. I’m tied to my business, and I have so much to do. I’m overweight, and I don’t feel well. I’m not getting laid.

I hear ya, man. But sometimes we need to hear some hardcore truth. We need a kick in the dick to pull our heads out of our asses. Well here it is …

Stop complaining.

There’s this condition that seems to be running rampant in our society of men. I call it Bitchitis. And it’s turning us men into a society of complainers who are discontent with our lives but content to simply complain and do nothing.

Well I’m here to challenge you to get up off your ass and shake off the shackles of Bitchitis. You’ve identified some truths in your life. Great! Now you can actually do something about them. Now you can no longer live with the pain.


Once you’ve identified problem areas in your life, you have two choices:

  1. Live in the shit, and continue to be frustrated, depressed, and angry.
  2. Rise up and learn a new way—a better way—to live.

Suffering is a choice.

If you choose to stay in a place of pain and suffering, then be my guest. Stay down there, and live in that shit. But please shut the hell up, and don’t complain about it. The rest of us don’t want to join you down there.

Pain as Awareness

Instead, I encourage you to see pain as a teacher. What is your pain showing you about your life? Looking at where you’re at in life right now, there’s probably one thing that you know you need to do. Doing that one thing would probably start the domino effect you need to achieve what you want.

One of the most powerful insights I’ve come upon is this: awareness precedes change.

Taking back control and feeling fulfilled and powerful will happen only if you do the actions that stem from that awareness.

So what do you need to do? Do you need to send a message of gratitude to your kids or partner? Do you need to shut down the computer and stop overworking? Do you need to get your ass to the gym? Do you need to find a coach who empowers and supports you?

Identify what you need to do. And then do it. Act in spite of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to do the one thing that best serves you.

This is how you become an elite, peak-performing man.